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Fishing Report June 22. Fishing in both the base camp and the Fly-ins was surpri…

Fishing Report June 22.
Fishing in both the base camp and the Fly-ins was surprisingly good. Our nice weather went to crap the second week of June and we had 4 days straight of 50 degree weather with constant rain. I expected the cold front to shut down the fishing a bit but we actually did very well and the boys (Bark Party)at the Outpost (Clace) said they did awesome and caught a ton of big fish from 20 to 25 inches(walleyes) and Plenty of pike.
At base camp the fishing during the second week of June was good. Bass were still not spawning which is a shock as many guests come during the first two weeks to target spawning smallmouth. I have never (in 30 years of guiding) seen the smallmouth spawn this late. They will still be spawning in July which is bizarre. I had my self and Kenny Gauthier both guiding during the second week and both of us had nice consistent fishing.
Kenny concentrated on Clay and did very well with plenty of walleye and pike and I was all over fishing, Lac Seul, Clay, Nixon etc. I had to break down (old guy) and take a small boat into Nixon for bass since the big lakes were still tough for bass it was one if our few options. It worked well and we caught plenty of 15 to 18
Inch smallies on everything from topwater to mepps spinners and leeches. Thank god we can fish small
Lakes when the big lakes are too cold. It really made the week great for
My guys catching 100 plus nice
Smallies. Broad lake was also good
for me again and we caught 140 plus walleyes both days we went there.
Here's hoping Lac Seul warms up enough this week, would like to fish the main lake but it's still way to
Cold for any decent fishing. These first two weeks really proved how important it is to have plenty of lakes and options to fish. Some normal season lakes and areas were terrible but smaller lakes and other options were awesome.
Here is a nice 27 incher caught by my guest Mark.

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