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Fishing report week of June 18th. Fished on Eagle, Lac Seul, Broad and Blue Lake…

Fishing report week of June 18th.
Fished on Eagle, Lac Seul, Broad and Blue Lake this past week. Sunday was a bit slow on Eagle water temps in the mid 60's. Caught about 20 walleyes in the first hour (lunch size) with a few in the 20 inch range. Then the lake flattened out and walleyes got tough. Made a shore lunch for 12 people and went bass fishing in the afternoon caught some nice 20 inch bass for some 8 year old boys and called it a day.
Went to Broad lake up the creek on Monday and Tuesday. Water temps in the high 60's, fished a wind blown mud flat for 6 hours straight on bothe days and put 200 walleyes in the boat both days going through 18 dozen minnows per day. Most fish in the 15 to 17 inch range but plenty of 19 to 21's also. A few pike and one large Muskie hooked and lost. For day 4 we decided to concentrate on big walleyes so we skipped broad lake and stayed on Lac Seul for Wednesday (after 400 walleyes in 2 days my clients didn't need any more walleye practice:). Lac Seul had finally warmed up to the low 60's in water temp and the fishing was hot. Fished a rocky shoreline for the entire day and caught about 120 eyes and 16 pike. All the walleyes were nice size and we actually had trouble getting them small enough to eat. Most were in the 19 to 22 inch range but we caught 40 over 23 and 11 over 25 inches, the biggest was 28 inches. Just for a little extra we also caught several pike over 3 foot and 5 around 30 to 33 inches. A pretty incredible day and some very happy customers. We also left early at 3pm and beat the rain.
The Pryby party's last day was Thursday so we decided to give the walleyes a break and go bass fishing. I took them to Blue lake and thankfully the bass were in full spawn. We caught about 75 16 to 21 inch bass and called it a day. Great week of fishing, looking forward to next week.

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