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We have been in the fly-in business since 1976 and the tourism business since 1972. We know how to treat customers and we know about fishing. Our cabins have everything you need but nothing you don’t. All are equipped with solar lights, hot and cold running water and showers as well as gas BBQs, screened porches, screened fish houses, new motors, deluxe swivel boat seats and each party receives a kit that includes towels, bed linens, bug coils.


Beautiful Walleye at Northwinds Canadian Outfitters - Clace Lake Outpost

All you need is your gear, we do the rest!

We offer an outstanding trip at a price everyone can afford. We focus on the quality of our fishing and have ensured that by regulating our fisheries to the highest of standard.

You always have quality fishing!

We offer a trip made for the fisherman; those looking for a Jacuzzi tub, water slide resort experience need not apply! There is no experience that can rival the joy of waking up on your own lake where the animals and forest are your only neighbours. Taking off from the dock while the morning mist rolls off the lake can’t be expressed in words, it must be experienced first hand. Many of our guests walk the portages to other lakes, then arrive at lakes that are so filled with walleye and northern it’s almost unreal. Most guests reveal that catching fish almost became monotonous (almost!). Huge Northern Pike caught at Northwinds OutfittersMany customers prefer to stay on the main lakes that offer many trophys and still have fast action. With our fly-ins, we have something for everyone, from the adventurous to the more relaxed client.

Remember, it’s your lake, you can do what you want!

Please come see us and let us take care of your vacation. We are a family operation that knows fishing and knows how to treat people. Our fly-ins offer real seclusion and are the only cabins or boat caches on the lakes. Come see and experience the best of fly in outpost fishing in Ontario.

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