Packages for Pinegrove Base Camp

Our Base Camp packages are now based on a 6 day package with 5 days fishing.  5 day packages are still available but will not be as good a value as a 6 day trip.  Our trips are a great deal either way!

Package A: (Five Star)

Includes your guide, transportation to lakes, bait deluxe guide boat, gas, fish processing, lodging, Our five star PKG also includes 3 meals a day (including our famous shore lunch). A great value. Rates are per person.

4 (Fishing) Days, 5 Days
5 (Fishing) Days, 6 Days
Extra Day (per day)
2 persons $1600.002 persons$1700.002 persons$350.00
3 persons$1375.003 persons$1575.003+ persons$315.00


Package B: (Four Star)

Includes everything listed in our first package (package A) except American plan (but still includes our shore lunch).

4 (Fishing) Days, 5 Days
5 (Fishing) Days,6 Days
Extra Day (per day)
2 persons $1450.002 persons$1600.002 persons$313.00
3 persons$1210.003 persons$1364.003+ persons$275.00



This package includes everything listed in our five star package (PKG A)

This package makes a trip affordable for families or those wishing to have a all inclusive guide package without the extra cost! This boat is a 20 footer and fishes 4 people plus guide.

4 (Fishing) Days, 5 Days
5 (Fishing) Days, 6 Days
4 persons (per boat) $1300.004 persons (per boat)$1500.00

With no American plan simply deduct $90.00 us for 5 day package and $80.00 us for 4 day package.

Packages for Northwinds Outposts

Packages include round trip airfare to and from outpost from Vermillion Bay, all gas, propane, linens, sleeping bags, utensils etc. You are responsible for bait, food and personal items (fishing gear etc.). Note: ask us about our current size limits and regulations for our outposts. Weight Allowance:  You will be within limits if you keep your baggage weight to approximately 120 LBS. Remember our outposts are fully equipped so all you need is your fishing gear, food and personal items. We will be supplying bottled water for guests as of 2015 up to 1 case per day of your trip. Bottled water is not needed and 6 drops per gallon of regular bleech (javex etc) turns any water into regular chlorinated household safe drinking water.  Any excess bottled water consumed will be charged at $50.00 per case to cover flight costs.

As of 2015 we are offering a aircraft upgrade option for each aircraft.  This lets new customers or customers with weight concerns breathe a little easier. You can upgrade to a larger aircraft economically for your trip. This helps customers that carry extra beer, soda or other heavy items. This option doubles your weight requirement to approximately 250 pounds per person.

Note: Aircraft upgrades only upgrade your flight on the way into the outposts, return flights are on regular aircraft. If you require a larger aircraft for both flights let us know. Please pack gear/food in smaller coolers and smaller bags. 2 smaller coolers or boxes are much better than one large container.

Fly in Noon on First Day, Fish and Fly-out Noon on Last Day

Package A: 4 Days, 3 Nights
Package B: 8 Days, 7 Nights
2 persons$999.002 persons$1313.00
3 persons$895.003 persons$1208.00
4-8 persons$789.004-8 persons$950.00
Aircraft Upgrade$150.00Aircraft Upgrade $150.00

For 5 or 6 day packages simply add $70.00 u.s (per day) to the 4 day 3 night price.

NOTE: all prices are per person and are in US funds

Best of both worlds package: New!

Having a hard time deciding on whether to do a fly-in outpost or a drive in American plan trip? At Northwinds we have you covered. Maybe you have always wanted to do a fly-in or someone you go fishing with has wanted to. This is a great choice. Spend 1 or 2 days fully guided with a deluxe guide boat fishing any number of the many lakes we fish locally here in Vermilion Bay. then Fly-in to one of our outposts for 3 or 4 days. What a incredible trip. Fish muskie, bass, walleye or pike, fully guided and taken care of. Then fly-in for 3 or 4 days on your own with no schedule and no one else around on your own private lake fishing walleye and pike. Spending a day or two with our world class guides on lakes like Lac Seul, Clay, Ord, Cedar and many others will also teach you some new techniques and better prepare you for a great fly-in trip. For more information on the fly-ins or the base camp visit their pages on this website.

Note: All transfers and cabin rentals before or after you fly-in or out are covered in the price.

1 Day Base camp(American Plan)-4 day Fly-in
2 Days Base camp(American plan)-4 day fly-in
2 persons$1400.002 persons$1800.00
3 persons$1250.003 persons$1600.00
4-8 persons$1100.004-8 persons$1500.00
Aircraft Upgrade$150.00Aircraft Upgrade $150.00

Prices per person in U.S funds.

Packages for Base Camp Hunts

All inclusive packages include food (3 meals a day), lodging, travel, guide, license, and provincial taxes. Note: extra license for hunting (birds) or fishing not included.

All Inclusive Moose Hunts: Area 8 (1 bull, 1 Cow)

2 persons (1 bull, 1 cow)$5200.00 each
2 persons (1 bull, 1 calf)$4000.00 each
Extra Persons (calf tags)$600.00 each

All Inclusive Moose Hunts: Archery

2 or more persons (2 bulls)$3800.00 each
Extra Persons (calfs)$800.00 each

Do it yourself Moosehunts!

Base Camp (1 bull - 1 cow)$2500.00 each
Remote Drive in (1 Bull, 1Cow, unlimited calves)$2500.00 each
Tent Set-up$1300.00
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